Czech Cubism 1909-1925 ( Český kubismus anglicky ) Vlček ,Švestka

Druh zboží: kniha
Autor: editors T. Vlcek, J. Svestka
Stav: Nová
ISBN-13: 80-239-6659-6
Dostupnost: SKLADEM MIMO PRODEJNU (info)
Cena: 1 499Kč

The definitive publication on the Czech Cubist movement. This baeutifully designed, scholarly volume collates important articles written on the subject by Czech and other experts from around the world (Edward F. Fry, Stephan von Wiese, Tomas Vlcek, Jiri Svestka, Pavel Liska, Vojtech Lahoda, Miroslav Lamac, Karel Srp, Rostislav Svacha, and others).

A group of young avant-garde architects and designers, working alongside painters and sculptors in 1909, created the all-embracing style of Czech Cubism – uniquely Czech form of Cubism. Their distinctive angular style appears in everything from apartment blocks and villas to furniture, ceramics, book covers, and even set designs for stage.

Publisher: Modernista a i3CZ, 2006. Second edition. Hard cover, 454 pp, 25,5 × 31 cm. 750 illustrations.
English language.
Condition: new.

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