Rendering Real and Imagined Buildings

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CN: B/72478
Autor: B.J.Novitski / W.J.Mitchell
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...The Art of Computer Modeling from the Palace of Kublai Khan to Le Corbusier's Villas - with CD-ROM Architectural imaging for 30 sites around the world.

This fascinating book dramatically and richly illustrates architectural computer modeling and rendering technologies. Features designs ranging from ancient cities . to futuristic landscapes . Highlights 30 dramatic projects from around the world. Includes interactive CD-ROM that ' walks ' you through many of these space . It is a one-of-a-kind experience, presenting extraordinary examples that push the boundaries of archeological and architectural imaging . Rendering Real and Imagined Buildings explores the world of buildings that were, that could have been or that are yet to be. Advances in architectural rendering programs on the computer can allow architects to explore unbuilt architecture, test structures, discover details, and see in 3-D what cannot be shown on paper. The book presents 27 buildings from an ancient temple to a house by Frank Lloyd Wright to an airport for the future.

Pevná vazba s původní obálkou;  175 stran, 4° s celou řadou barevných fotografií a přiloženým CD-ROMem. V angličtině. 

Vydání: Rockport Publishers, Massachusettes, 1998.

Stav knihy: Dobrý stav, lehce zašpiněný přebal.

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