Biographical Dictionary BIBLIOGRAFICKÝ SLOVNÍK

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Chambers Biographical Dictionary covers a wide range of human achievement, and includes over 17,500 biographies in all. It is cross-referenced with many suggestions for further reading. Areas covered include: sport, music, radio; television; the arts, science, technology, politics, philosophy and business. 300 feature panels provide extra detail on particularly important or influential individuals or groups of people such as Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein and the Pankhursts. Full cross-referencing allows the reader to explore beyond the individual - thus not only answering a specific enquiry about one person, but leading to information on their contemporaries or the people they influenced - and thousands of suggestions for further reading direct the reader to keyworks on or by the person in question. 

Formát: 26x16 cm, pevná vazba s přebalem, stran 1632.  V angličtině. 

Vydání: Chambres, 2003.

Stav knihy: Velmi dobrý stav.

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