Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Druh zboží: kniha
CN: B/85942
Autor: James Hilton
Stav: Použitá
Dostupnost: SKLADEM MIMO PRODEJNU (info)
Cena: 60Kč

Throughout his forty-three-year tenure at Brookfield, "a good public school of the second rate" in eastern England, Arthur Chipping has been Mr. Chips to his students. Beginning with his unpolished first years during the Franco-Prussian War, into the radical changes of the twentieth century and the outbreak of the First World War, Mr. Chips has shaped lives. But Chips has been inspired as well--by the unremarkable and the extraordinary, by his colleagues, by a woman who changes him forever, and not least, by his children, "thousands of them, all boys."

Brož, 8°, 94 stran. V angličtině.

Vydání: Easy Readers, 1967.

Stav knihy: Uvnitř dobrý stav, obálka zašpiněná.

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